SHOW command finalized; next steps

just did the final testing on the SHOW command – having it print out the next 8 bytes if a blank line is entered and SHOW was the most recent command.  again, my goal here was to emulate how the apple monitor works, allowing the user to see successive 8-byte chunks without having to enter any additional keystrokes beyond the ‘return’.

next, i’m trying to choose between implementing the XMIT command (transmit data over the serial port) or the SET command (set memory contents).  i don’t have a strong preference for either right now, though i think XMIT makes sense because that should also spur me to work on integrating my own serial port hardware onto the breadboard, which is the last apple-based hardware that i need to get working before i can move off to my own full hardware.

that also brings up the matter that i need to get to work on designing the full hardware schematic, then laying out the pcb(s), getting those manufactured, etc.  so hopefully i’ll be posting something soon on my thoughts on that…


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