LIST command extension

yesterday, while reporting on my success with the LIST command, i noted that i was going to try to add the byte values in front of the disassembled commands.  well, that’s done now too…

as noted, the output of LIST is now formatted thusly:

$aaaa: bb cc dd  mmm   <addr>

with ‘aaaa’ being the address of the instruction being disassembled, ‘bb’ (and ‘cc’ and possibly ‘dd’ if needed) are the actual byte values that form the command. ‘mmm’ is the 3-letter mnemonic for the command, and ‘<addr>’ is the addressing or argument info if appropriate.

so all of the memory-related commands for the 8-bit project are now complete and working.  the remaining baseline commands to be implemented are all storage related – loading/saving files and so forth.  since i don’t have the filesystem completely designed yet, i probably won’t be writing any more code for a bit.  just as i feel like i’ve really gotten the hang of it and enjoying it, too… 8(


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