So I haven’t been posting anything for a while as I’ve been preoccupied with other things for most of 2014, such as finding a new job. Now that I’ve done that and have some free time again, I’m trying to get back into playing around with My Old Computers…

A few years back, I picked up a Zenith Z19 video terminal. This was the commercial, pre-assembled version of the Heathkit H19 terminal, and roughly equivalent to a VT52 in terms of capabilities. The terminal appeared to be fully functional, but of course (being a ‘dumb’ terminal) needed a computer to connect to.

Enter the Raspberry Pi. While supporting a full GUI, this little Linux board can also be accessed through a simple console. Pretty much everything I’ve found online talks about hooking it up to a laptop/desktop computer and running a terminal emulator. But who needs an emulator when you have an actual terminal?

So over the next several posts, I’ll be documenting how I got this up and working, including a USB WiFi dongle that connects my ‘dumb terminal’ to the information superhighway…


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