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So I haven’t been posting anything for a while as I’ve been preoccupied with other things for most of 2014, such as finding a new job. Now that I’ve done that and have some free time again, I’m trying to get back into playing around with My Old Computers…

A few years back, I picked up a Zenith Z19 video terminal. This was the commercial, pre-assembled version of the Heathkit H19 terminal, and roughly equivalent to a VT52 in terms of capabilities. The terminal appeared to be fully functional, but of course (being a ‘dumb’ terminal) needed a computer to connect to.

Enter the Raspberry Pi. While supporting a full GUI, this little Linux board can also be accessed through a simple console. Pretty much everything I’ve found online talks about hooking it up to a laptop/desktop computer and running a terminal emulator. But who needs an emulator when you have an actual terminal?

So over the next several posts, I’ll be documenting how I got this up and working, including a USB WiFi dongle that connects my ‘dumb terminal’ to the information superhighway…



i own a lot of old computers.  dozens.  they range from the venerable-if-not-quite-ancient timex-sinclair 1000 to the merely slightly-out-of-date core 2 duo macbook that i’m currently writing from, and span the gamut from basic consumer machines like the commodore 64 to unix workstations like the sgi octane that originally cost well above $10K when they were new 15 years ago.

the purpose of this blog is to talk about my trials and joys as i work with these old machines, and hopefully to be able to offer some useful advice to others once in a while…